Are Gazelle Tents Worth It?

What are the best tents? How can you choose a tent that’s right for your needs? What if you’re looking to buy a Gazelle pop-up tent but you’re wondering if they’re any good?

I’ve owned a Gazelle T4 tent for several years now and it is the best tent I’ve ever owned in over 30 years of tent camping. The quality of materials used, the sturdy construction, the thoughtful design, and the super easy setup make a Gazelle pop-up hub tent a perfect choice for your camping adventures.

We love our Gazelle T4 and highly recommend it. If you want to check out the current price on Amazon click here. (affiliate link)

Gazelle T4 Waterproof 4 Person Portable Polyester Outdoor Pop Up Camping or Beach Tent with Removable Floor, Mesh Screens, and Rain Fly, Orange
Gazelle T4 Waterproof 4 Person Portable Polyester Outdoor Pop Up Camping or Beach Tent with Removable Floor, Mesh Screens, and Rain Fly, Orange
Fits four people with plenty of room for additional gear; 78” tall allowing you to move around freely

But you probably have a few questions, like many do, about whether a Gazelle pop-up tent is worth your investment. Follow along as I cover everything you need to know.

Our Gazelle tent has served us well and should for many years to come

What’s unique about a Gazelle tent’s design

Gazelle makes tents that are of a design also known as spring-up or pop-up or hub tents and are especially different from traditional camping tents.

These tents are designed to be simple and easy to set up. In fact, they can literally be up and ready in under five minutes.

In order to understand why Gazelle tents make such an excellent choice for your next adventure, family camping trip, or even a camping road trip, it’s important to go over what makes these unique shelters stand out from the rest of the quick setup tents on the market.

The design makes them simple and easy to set up

Every time I set up our Gazelle tent I am amazed at how simple it is compared to all the other tents I’ve struggled with over the years.

If you have small children these tents are great. I remember when our kids were little, and setting up camp, especially the tent, was a huge chore.

I can actually have the tent out of the carry bag, which is very sturdy and handy, and popped up in place, with rain fly installed, in less than two minutes.

It may take a couple of more minutes to put in the stakes. There are 8 stakes if you choose to use them all.

Putting up a Gazelle tent is really as easy as these five steps.

  1. Just pull the Gazelle tent out of its carry bag, and spread it out on the ground where you want it.
  2. Then just pull out each side of the tent one at a time.
  3. Next spread the rain fly over the top and attach its supports to the top of the tent.
  4. Then all you do is step into the tent and push up the center until it pops up into place.
  5. And last, stake down the tent.
Our Gazelle tent sets up in just a few quick minutes not so much the Coleman tent in the background

Is a Gazelle pop-up tent heavier and larger than a standard tent when packed?

While the size of a Gazelle tent when packed in its carry bag may be larger than a traditional tent, and it may weigh a bit more than similarly sized tents, the size, and weight are the results of the sturdier materials used in the design of a Gazelle tent.

If size and weight are concerns, you may need to decide if the ease of use when it comes to setting up and taking down camp is worth a little extra weight and size while transporting the tent.

I’ve been delighted with our tent and it has never been a problem packing and transporting our tent. It’s a bit heavier than our traditional tent and it’s a bit longer when packed. But all I have to do is arrange it properly in our vehicle with our other camping gear. It’s not been a problem for us.

If your car is small you may need to choose a different tent. Or you may want to use a roof cargo carrier for some of your gear including your tent.

How does a Gazelle pop-up tent handle rain storms?

In several seasons of use, I’ve not had any rainwater leak into our Gazelle tent. The tent seams are sealed from the factory and the material of the tent and rainfly repels water perfectly.

I’ve had the tent set up during rain storms day and night and even in gusty wind conditions and have not had any trouble with water leaking into the tent.

That’s not true with some of our traditional tents over the years. Most tents use lighter weight and flimsier material than the Gazelle tents. All of our other tents have leaked water in rain storms at least a little, some more than others. But so far, not the Gazelle T4, which is what I have.

One thing that gives more stability to these tents in harsh weather is the tie-downs on the sides of each of the four walls. At the center of each wall, there’s a tie-down point that can be anchored to a stake. These are in addition to the stales the tent uses at each of the four corners.

This setup makes the Gazelle tent very stable in windy conditions. You might also find helpful what I’ve written about whether pop-up tents are waterproof.

Cant beat a beautiful sunrise while camping nor the quality of our Gazelle tent

How is the ventilation of a Gazelle tent when it’s hot at night?

The Gazelle T4 has lots of ventilation. First, there are roof panels made of screens that allow warm air to escape underneath the rainfly without letting bugs in.

There are also window screens on all four sides of the tent which make it easy to get a little or a lot of cross breeze when it’s warm. Both doors also have screens that can be opened, even further increasing the airflow and warm nights.

These are a great option for families with children

If you’re a family with children or anyone who wants an easy way to set up camp without having to spend too much time fussing over it, Gazelle tents are a great option.

I’ve had to struggle with complicated and poorly constructed tents before and two things are especially frustrating when you have little kids to manage while you camp.

The first is the simple pole system. The poles are built into the tent and the tent. The tent is so simple to set up you will really appreciate how the poles are incorporated into the design of the tent. There are also clear step-by-step instructions for your first couple of times setting up the tent. After that, you won’t need the instructions.

The second design feature of this tent that families with children will appreciate is the sturdy zippers Gazelle uses on its tents. I’ve had other tents where the zippers start failing after a couple of seasons of camping.

I can’t tell you how many hours of frustration I’ve had with trying to repair a cheap tent zipper. The zippers on my Gazelle tent doors are bigger and heavier than any I’ve seen on other tents. I’ve had no trouble with them and they should hold up well with children using them that can sometimes be less careful with them than an adult.

How fast can you set up a Gazelle hub tent?

If you want to see the Gazelle T4 tent in action check out this video. You might be surprised at how easy and fast it is to set up this tent. How’s 70 seconds sound?

These quick-setup hub tents are an excellent choice if…

  • If you’re a camper who wants a more relaxing and easier experience. There’s no more frustration with putting up a complex tent.
  • If you want a tent that’s quick and easy to set up. I don’t know of a tent that’s easier to pitch.
  • If you want a quick and straightforward takedown of your tent. Again, there’s not a tent I’ve seen that’s quicker to take down when I’m done camping. And it goes back into the bag easier than any I’ve used.
  • If you’re tired of complicated pole systems. Which pole goes where? No questions like that with these tents since they are built into the structure of the tent.
  • If you’re concerned about the durability in harsh weather conditions, my Gazelle tent is tougher and sturdier than most tents on the market. It’s stood strong and leak-free in windy and rainy conditions. You won’t be disappointed.
  • If you’re concerned about the longevity of the life of your tent. I expect my Gazelle tent to last for many years to come. I’ve also written here about things to consider when determining how long a tent should last.

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